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China prepares for war over South China Sea, Spratly Islands

– April 23, 2012Posted in: Featured, Geopolitics
APRIL 23– Philippine and Chinese warships are in a stand-off over claims to the remote Scarborough Shoal.
The crisis began when a Philippine warship stopped Chinese fishing vessels trespassing in waters claimed by the Philippines.
President Obama is closely monitoring the crisis, since American and Filipino forces are conducting joint military exercises near the heavily disputed Spratly Islands. The Chinese Communist Party objects to these military exercises authorized by President Obama.
This new confrontation near the Scarborough Shoal reaffirms the CCP has all but officially declared a challenge to American hegemonic superiority and international order.
The CCP hopes to overthrow governments (aligned with the United States) through internal revolution, global economic colonization and by enforcing territorial claims to destabilize American allies. The CCP believes these actions will deplete American resources, thereby causing a hegemonic paradox (America’s decline).
President Obama has recently authorized many foreign policy measures to protect the national security of the United States concerning the South China Sea. For more information regarding the president’s implementation of preemptive measures to confront the CCP’s challenge to American hegemonic superiority, including joint military exercises conducted by the United States and the Philippines near the heavily disputed Spratly Islands, visit this update link by THE LAST COLUMNIST.
The CCP’s territorial claims over the Spratly Islands, Scarborough Shoal and the entire (Eastern/West Philippine/South China) Sea is a clear violation of maritime law and the United Nations Law of the Seas. International laws establish a country’s right to make continental shelf claims, based on an Exclusive Economic Zone of 200 miles off a country’s coastline. China has no right to make these claims regarding 90 percent of the (South China) Sea, especially claims involving the distant Scarborough Shoal and Spratly Islands. This is discussed in detail below under the heading, “LEGITIMATE CLAIMS BASED ON GEOGRAPHY AND MARITIME LAW.”
For more on the stand-off between the Philippines and China, please visit this BBC News link.
May 1, 2012, update on diplomatic tensions between China and the U.S. concerning South China Sea and Chen Guangcheng in this New York Times article: “Unease Mounting, China and U.S. To Open Military Talks.”

The following is a set of extensive articles by THE LAST COLUMNIST with history and background of the Spratly Islands dispute:
Jan. 16– Imperialist Chinese Communist Party leader Hu Jintao warned the United States against “militarism” after President Obama announced a new military strategy Jan. 5, 2012.
Obama said the U.S. would increase its air and sea capabilities, focusing attention on East Asia.
The U.S. military is preparing to confront the genocidal and despotic Chinese Communist Party over its belligerent claim to the Spartly Islands and South China Sea.
The CCP’s imperialist dreams of worldwide domination through economic colonization, military conquest and systematic genocide will end in a nightmare when it finally faces the full onslaught of American military force.
For the latest information regarding China’s warning to the United States and President Obama’s new strategy, visit BBC News.
President Obama’s strategy follows President Truman’s policy of “containment,” in line with George Kennan’s “Long Telegram” and the containment of Soviet communism.
The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has clawed its way into the Middle East, Africa and South America, threatening the national security interests of the United States.
The CCP will eventually face a direct– and debilitating– confrontation with the United States, as it can no longer hide behind proxy wars it wages through Iran, North Korea, the Lord’s Resistance Army and al-Qaeda.
Communist China finances al-Qaeda’s terrorist activities and provides Iran with military intelligence, as well as nuclear and anti-aircraft carrier missile technology to fight the United States with proxy wars in the Persian Gulf/Strait of Hormuz, Middle East and Africa.
By cutting off and controlling the Persian Gulf and South China Sea trade routes, the CCP hopes to disrupt oil supplies and all commercial trade to destroy the U.S. economy.
Dec. 8 Update:

Imperialist Chinese President Hu Jintao told China’s military industrial complex it must prepare for global warfare with the United States.
War is imminent with the United States, Vietnam and the Philippines, Hu Jintao said.
Hu wants the Chinese Communist Party’s military industrial complex to speed up modernization to achieve military readiness, because the military is not prepared to accomplish the CCP’s dreams of world conquest.
The Chinese Communist Party seeks a full-scale and decisive confrontation with the United States in the Pacific Ocean, so the CCP can advance its policy of Imperialism.
The heavily contested South China Sea, home of the Spratly Islands and their vast natural resources below the ocean floor, is the ignition point.
The illegitimate and genocidal Chinese Communist Party leaders lost patience with their military. The CCP believes the world is ripe for its economic colonization phase to enter the territorial expansion phase with the military enforcing the most brutal form of Imperialism.
The slow pace of modernization has infuriated the elite ruling class, as the worldwide economic crisis is causing problems with maintaining social order with its 1.4-billion slaves.
THE LAST COLUMNIST predicted Hu Jintao’s speech, given on Dec. 7, with the military warning, two days before the announcement in a LAST COLUMNIST article titled, “China braces for economic collapse, social unrest.”
Please visit this BBC News link for the latest information on Hu Jintao’s belligerent statements, released on Dec. 7, 2011.
Recent South China Sea and Spratly Islands updates BY THE LAST COLUMNIST:

China, Obama, Vietnam, the Spratly Islands and World War III
Nov. 16– President Obama confronts the Chinese Communist Party’s belligerent claim to the South China Sea and Spratly Islands by sending U.S. Marines to Australia for “military exercises.”
Obama’s actions are intended to shore up an American naval presence in the western Pacific due to increased tensions caused by military actions conducted by the genocidal Chinese Communist Party.
The CCP’s claim to the region has grave consequences for America’s Pacific allies and U.S. national security. The number of U.S. Marines dispatched will increase to thousands in the near future.
During the last year, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and President Obama have made repeated warnings to the CCP in regards to the South China Sea, as the CCP has warned the United States to stay out of the disputed region and not meddle in the “internal affairs” of the Chinese Communist Party.
The CCP is after the vast, untapped oil and mineral reserves located below the ocean floor around the Spratly Islands, which are claimed by Vietnam, the Philippines, Taiwan, Malaysia and China.
Make no mistake about this one, people. We are witnessing the long forestalled prelude to World War III.
For background information on the significance of these explosive geopolitical events, please read the last two updates made by THE LAST COLUMNIST below the following links:

Also read an article by THE LAST COLUMNIST titled, China’s Aircraft Carriers, Taiwan and World War III.”
For information on the “joint military exercises” with Australia, please visit this link to the BBC News website. For information on increased tensions in the western Pacific Ocean, visit this BBC News link.
NOV. 20 UPDATE: Article link to the N.Y. Times about the U.S., Vietnam, Malaysia and the Philippines confronting China’s Premier on South China Sea territorial claims.

Oct. 2011– Vietnam changed its military draft code in preparation for war with China in the South China Sea.
China’s belligerent claim to the strategic and mineral-rich Spratly Islands increased, after the Chinese Communist Party deployed its largest military vessels to the region in response to Vietnam’s “live-fire exercises” and what the CCP calls the “U.S. government’s meddling” in China’s internal affairs.
Vietnam’s Prime Minister, Ngyuen Tan Dung, recently leveled charges of increased belligerency against the Chinese Communist Party and said Vietnam’s sovereignty regarding the Spartly Islands is not up for discussion.
The Chinese Communist Party is attempting to permanently cut off international shipping lanes in the Eastern Sea (AKA South China Sea) to cause economic chaos in Western nations and to lay claim to the [currently] unattainable riches found far below the ocean floor around the Spratly Islands [explained later in this article].
Chinese Communist Party navy personnel, under orders from Beijing, have massacred Vietnamese, Filipino and Malaysian military personnel, as well as respective civilians in the region due to CCP territorial claims.
The CCP’s navy also had several incidents with U.S. Naval vessels, and it has warned the United States to stay out of the [Eastern] South China Sea. The U.S. Navy tries to constantly enforce international laws by making its presence known in international shipping lanes.
The following video takes you to an international news report on the Chinese Communist Party’s 2011 warning for the United States to stay out of the South China Sea, which is a clear violation of international law regarding Freedom of the Seas:

The United States has stated that maintaining stability (and open shipping lanes) in the heavily-contested Spratly Islands region is a matter of “national security” to the United States.
For more information on the most recent update regarding Vietnam and China’s dispute over the Spratly Islands, please visit The CS Monitor.
The Philippines and the Spratlys in July 2011

Let it be known that THE LAST COLUMNIST isn’t taking sides with the preceding report on Vietnam’s claim. THE LAST COLUMNIST merely presents international debate to increase public awareness and supplement geopolitical analysis.
In July 2011, Philippine President Benigo Aquino III made it clear in a speech that the Spratly Islands belong to the Philippines based on international law pertaining to rights given to archipelago nations and continental shelf extensions, especially in regards to the Spratly Islands. The Philippines refer to the area as the “West Philippine Sea.”
For more on President Aquino’s speech, visit this link to a news report detailing the Filipino president’s stance on the issue.
In the article, the U.S. Ambassador to the Philippines, Harry Thomas, is quoted as saying the United States supports the Philippines’ sovereignty over the Spratly Island region.
THE LAST COLUMNIST’S original June 2011 article with extensive Spratly Island background information and in-depth geopolitical analysis follows:

World War III starts over an area in the western Pacific Ocean known as the Spratly Island group.
Claimed by Vietnam, Malaysia, the Philippines, Brunei and Taiwan, the Spratly Islands also attract a belligerent ownership claim from distant neighbor China due to issues of geopolitics.
Found in the middle of major shipping lanes and having abundant commercial fishing possibilities, the Spratly Islands trigger human conflict for an even greater reason: untapped oil, gas and mineral reserves discovered far below the surface of these remote islands.
Geological estimates put the regions oil and gas reserves at 25-billion tons, far outweighing the combined reserves currently found in Kuwait and Nigeria. Here’s the problem: nobody has the technology to extract anything— yet. Most reserves sit far beneath the oceanic crust in sedimentary beds.
By violently establishing their claim on the Spartly Islands, the Chinese Communist Party hopes to prepare for technological advances in deep sea drilling and mining, so they have the ability to directly profit from the area’s natural resources– and cause irreversible environmental damage in the process.

Geographically speaking, the Spratly Islands are closest to the Philippines, Vietnam and Brunei. But Malaysia claims the Spratly’s based on the United Nation’s Law of the Sea, recognizing rights granted off their continental shelf and every nation’s right to make a claim based on an Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) of 200 miles off a country’s coastline.
Of course, the most belligerent and ridiculous claim comes from the distant Chinese Communist Party. Citing the Spratly’s as ancient Chinese fishing grounds found in a vague reference in mythological maps, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) set up military stations on the uninhabited island group under the guise of fishing outposts and lighthouses.
The CCP gave warnings to Vietnam and Malaysia after the two countries made new claims in 2009. Claiming the Spratly’s as sovereign territory, the Chinese Communists have warned of dire consequences if other countries infringe on their ridiculous claim.
In 1988, the Chinese Communists intercepted several Vietnamese military vessels. The CCP massacred the Vietnamese soldiers for attempting to land on Vietnamese soil in the Spratly Islands.
Many confrontations have taken place over the years: all between the CCP and whoever dares to lay claim to the Spratly Islands.
Based on the interpretation of international and maritime law, THE LAST COLUMNIST believes The Philippines hold the strongest claim. Since it’s entirely an Island Nation, the Spratly Islands fall within internationally accepted definitions of territorial possessions for archipelago nations.
An Iron Curtain drops across the Pacific Ocean

The Chinese Communists stepped up their claims and military presence after the United States reduced it’s presence in the Philippines. Now the CCP has successfully delivered its secret weapon to their puppet nation of North Korea.
The CCP delivered several conventional surface-to-surface anti-aircraft carrier missiles. The missiles have the capability to travel 700 miles and destroy a United States aircraft carrier with one shot. As long as North Korea does the CCP’s dirty work, they can plead innocence on the world stage. Also, they successfully tested a new space weapon that can destroy U.S. satellites. All U.S. military weapons, including ships, tanks, aircraft, and soldiers rely on satellites to maintain military readiness. Once the satellites are destroyed, the CCP can move at will.
Recently, the Chinese Communists began economic warfare against countries refusing to recognize their alleged sovereign right to the Spratly Islands and their desire for worldwide conquest.
The CCP controls 90% of the world’s rare-earth minerals, crucial to manufacturing technologically advanced goods. Due to economic disagreements with the U.S. and Japan, the CCP stopped exporting the minerals. The Chinese Communist Party lifted the embargo after heavy diplomatic pressure. But how long will it last?
Here is a BBC News link to a short video explaining the Spratly Island/South China Sea conflict: BBC News video.
THE LAST COLUMNIST has one thing to say to his people: open your eyes and get ready.
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